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Payers at pacl India limited company have more than 5000 refunds.  There is a rumor spreading that the money is credited to the bank account of those with higher Pacl amounts.  This blogpost was created to illustrate its true philosophy.

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For example, only 2500 pacl refund was initially offered.  Currently less than 5000 thousand is being paid to builders.

Pacl extra money refund detail in Tamil

While the amount is still pending, in the present situation 23000 thousand 87000 thousand such money is credited to the bank account.  
This means that a lot of people are confused about the pacl refund message that has been returned for payment.
Pacl biggest amounts refunds news Sebi
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Pacl biggest amounts refunds news Sebi 

For example, all people who have paid for pacl refund are in this moment of depression and sadness.
Such information may increase their expectation but the truth is that this is all false information.
People who spread this are not sure what the profit will be.  Seeing this creates great expectation and disappointment in people’s minds
In this scenario, the money paid by the people of any pacl India limited company is not going to come in handy.
We must condemn such people who are spreading false information with words that exacerbate such desire.  They have information on how to hurt the already depressed mind.
Ignore such pacl refund information if it appears to your eyes.  The reason why people protest in front of the public eye is that the people who are depressed get worse.

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