PACL – So much confusion in getting more money ???

The cash of a customer who has paid more than five thousand is credited to their bank account,

In the current situation, this is considered to be the biggest message involving PACL among the people.

However, there are many problems and confusions about this news.

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A little confusion in the information being circulated amongst the people that they have received large amounts of money is that they have not paid the money to their policy number on the SEBI website.

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One person’s opinion is that he has received less money than the two documents he has registered.

And a few people share their documents with WhatsApp, claiming that the money is not credited to SEBI website.

We cannot afford this simply because we have received a large amount of money and we have handed over the documents to the SEBI website so that we have no fear of large sums only if we have the correct information to clarify.

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It is thought by some that the Seniors may have paid some money to reduce the problem among the people.

But this is just a question of suspicion that there will be no controversy after the specific announcement on SEBI website.

Another reason for this is that no one in the Northern Territories has ever been paid more or less.

So whatever happens, let’s be good and ask the Lord for people’s money.


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