Sebi announces PACL amounting to more than five thousand

We know that PACL customers’ money is credited to the customer’s bank account with less than five thousand  SEBI website.
However, the announcement on the SEBI website that there are currently more than five thousand bank accounts.

Sebi Refunding PACL Money More Than Extra Amount of Customers Money

Everyone registered through the website to receive PACL money. We know that once again the website was opened to correct the mistakes made.

At the same time, the announcement of the amount paid on the website, along with the notice of correction of errors and the pending announcement is true.

The announcement that we have paid the money to those who have paid for it has been accompanied by confusion.

Today Sebi Pacl website login

The confusion is now when you register a policyholder’s number and check the account. According to SEBI claim that the sum of five thousand is his and we have made it to the bank account.

Looking at this, there seem to be two kinds of suspicion: Has SEBI started the work of paying more? We feel that we are giving customers money.

The second doubt is that the website is broadcasting the wrong idea? If that is the case, we are confused about the situation of the paying customer.

However, there is also the assumption that this will be good because nothing has been announced before and the announcement has been made only after the work is first started.

So is any of us in the current situation?  Does that mean that the money is not received or is a false notification?  The only solution is to explore that.  What is happening now is to look at SEBI website.

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