What Is The Main Hearing Of The Supreme Court On The Fourth March Day Regarding PACL Money

On the fourth day, a major hearing on PACL money took place in the Supreme Court.Some important information has been revealed in that investigation, all of which are important to those involved in the PACL.

PACL Supreme Court Case Status In English

This is a clear description of this Fourth Day judgment, which is considered an important event for all involved in PACL.

On the fourth day of the hearing, the Lodha Committee recorded a report from the Supreme Court.

A lot of changes are expected to be made in the Lodha Committee Report to be registered.
However, the record of the Lodha Committee on the part of the record did not go unnoticed, ie.

PACL Land Sales And Property Counter Proposal News In English

What was mentioned in the Lodha Committee Report? It contains a set of information about companies registered to purchase PACL land.

Why did the Supreme Court not investigate the report of the investigation involving the sale of PACL land?

Pacl Supreme Court order

The Lodha Committee, which gave a month’s time to bid on the property, allowed everyone to ask a question.

Of these, only 12 companies have asked the BACL to buy PACL assets.

It stipulated that the assets should not be asked for less than a thousand crores, at least for a thousand crores.

Accepting that condition, 12 companies offered to buy the property.

However, it is regrettable that no company approached the Supreme Court on the fourth day of the proceedings to sell the property.

It is said that the Lodha committee did not file a report and split the report.

As a result, the Lodha Committee has been relegated to the situation of auctioning again.

However, if the report was caught and investigated, it would have revealed more information.

The report has been postponed for the present day on the 17th.

The only relaxing thing is the re-trial on the 17th. It is expected that the short term rescheduling will soon decide on what it looks like to us.

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