PACL Refund Status For U

The people of Tamil Nadu have got a great opportunity to get money in PACL and it is very important to seize this opportunity. Please read this information and share it with others.

In his election promise, DMK leader MK Stalin set up a service to listen to the grievances of the people. Through that service, everyone expressed their grievances.

Customers who lost PACL money also expressed their grievances. Meanwhile, DMK MP Kanimozhi also promised to recover the PACL money.

Now that the DMK has won in Tamil Nadu, it is expected that a good result will come if Chief Minister Stalin meets them.

pacl refund status in Tamilnadu mk stalin

Many are questioning how the PACL issue can be decided in Tamil Nadu when the PACL issue is in the Supreme Court.

However a few months ago in the northern states like Chhattisgarh decided to refund the money collected by the ticket companies and insurance companies who had cheated and lost in their home states,

It sold all the movable and immovable property of those particular companies in that state, and that state itself gave the money to the people.

It was given the opportunity to register in that state, including PACL. For example, how SEBI created a site for PACL registration.

It created a site three months ago and ordered all people who lost money to register.

Then the total amount was calculated and the loss-making companies mobilized everything like the acquired companies and the assets were taken by the state itself and given to the people.

Similarly, PACL assets are very high in Tamil Nadu. It is rumored that they are likely to sell for higher prices.

pacl refund status
pacl refund status

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Therefore, most people are of the opinion that if the government of Tamil Nadu takes or sells the properties in Tamil Nadu.

For the people who are suffering in Tamil Nadu. it will be able to make a good decision and give the people’s money to the people with the money available in it.

It is therefore the opinion of most of the people in PACL that if they meet Chief Minister Mk Stalin soon and consult him about this they will get good results.

For this, important people in some places have decided to meet first. There are PACL customers all over India, as well as PACL customers in all the districts of Tamil Nadu.

So you can do this to everyone who thinks important people from your district should buy people money. This allows people who have been losing money for a long time to get money faster.

Please take share this information to the last PACL customers.