Chief Minister’s scheme in your constituency In PACL

Complaints are being received in 234 constituencies across Tamil Nadu under the Chief Minister’s scheme in your constituency and also Chief Minister’s scheme on PACL:

The demand has arisen among customers and fieldworkers at PACL that everyone involved in PACL should register the PACL issue at the same time.

Appointed by IAS Officer Shilpa Prabhakar Satish: In some constituencies, more than 6 lakh complaints are received in the first phase and all of them are computerized and sent to the respective districts.

Then the Tamil Nadu government has decided to consider the complaint and provide a solution. In such a situation, there are people all over Tamil Nadu who are losing PACL money.

Chief Minister's scheme in your constituency In PACL
Chief Minister’s scheme on PACL

So it is very important that everyone registers your complaint under the scheme of Chief Minister in your constituency.

It is necessary to provide some documents related to PACL and the address of the PACL branch operating in your area when registering your complaint.

It is also a good idea to report some problems related to PACL and report all the grievances we may have in your complaint. It is believed that a good way is definitely born through this.

I have an obligation to do this in my constituency and you must not fail to do this in your constituency. It is absolutely true that we are forced into a situation where we follow all the ways available to us.

They are obligated to follow all the means available to people who have lost money in PACL.

So it is very important to register our PACL complaints in Tamil Nadu using any scheme developed to address the grievances of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Therefore do not fail to register the PACL complaint very clearly news under the scheme of the Chief Minister in your constituency.

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