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About 5.75 crore people across India have paid money to the Jaipur-based PACL financial institution in India and are currently struggling to get it back.

It is said that there are more than one crore customers in Tamil Nadu. It is necessary to register a complaint under the scheme of Chief in your constituency online petition filing and monitoring system

You can get that money very quickly by paying at this company and sending your complaint to the first person who is unable to get the balance due on time.

We will now look at how you can do it easily and how to write when you file a complaint.

It is very, very necessary for everyone to do this. This is an important moment for every PACL customer and field staff.

Step 1 on chief ministers special cell

First on PACL Online petition filing, you can go to this site and click on an option called Feedback

online petition filing and monitiorning system

Step 2

You are now a newbie, so you can create an account for yourself by clicking New User in this section.

online petition filing and monitiorning system in tamilnadu

Step 3

Next it is very important to register all of your profiles. For example, after entering your mobile number, district, etc., click Submit below.

online petition filing and monitiorning system in tamil

Step 4

After that an account will be opened for you and you will get the password for it. This means that the username and password will appear in front of you and you need to securely register it.

chief minister's special cell

Step 5

Your work is now 75 % complete. You have started an account for yourself in the program of being the chief in your constituency. Press the login button above to log in to your account.

chief minister's special cell in tamilnadu

Step 6

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself! After entering the username and password given to you, you will reach your account by entering the important number given below and pressing the login button.

chief minister's special cell in tamil

Step 7

Clicking on the feedback above will open the main area for reporting, that is, the area we have been waiting for so long, in which you can register your complaint.

chief minister's special cell in tamil

Step 8 of special cell

Now you are at a critical juncture. I mean this is an important place to record all of your misery.

In this place you can write an article with about 2000 characters and complain. You can find out how to write it and what its key words are by using the link given below.

How to write a PACL Online petition filing chief ministers special cell in properly CLICK HERE

Following this, your complaint will be registered if you enter your complaint in the complaint box given in the chief ministers special cell and then enter the sensitive number given by them and press the submit button.

Then take action on it very soon and people’s money will be available quickly, share this information with everyone and everyone is likely to benefit from more complaints.

Below is the link to the complaint site.

chief minister's special cell

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  1. ஜயா வணக்கம் நான் PACL நிதி நிறுவனத்தில் கள பணியாளராக இருந்தேன் செபி அமைப்பு வழக்கு தொடர்ந்த காரணத்தால் வாடிக்கையாளர்களுக்கு பணம் கொடுக்க வில்லை அதனால் வாடிக்கையாளர்கள் என் வீட்டை முற்றுகையிட்டு மிகவும் சொல்ல முடியாத வார்த்தைகள் பேசி என்னை பணம் நீ கொடுத்த என்று துன்புறுத்துகிறார்கள் அவர்களிடம் இருந்து எனக்கு பாதுகாப்பு அளிக்கவும் PACL வில் கட்டிய பணம் விரைவாக கிடைக்கவும் ஆவண செய்யுமாறு தங்களை மிகவும் பணிவுடன் கேட்டுக் கொள்கிறேன்.


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